Parcels for sale. Owner financing options available.

Parcels for sale in emerging green neighborhood. Seeking homesteaders, pioneers, and visionaries who are interested in a semi-rural setting, living close to the land, and building their dream in a community of good neighbors.

Parcel #4: four acres, $199k
Parcel #3: two acres, 149k


Parcels are part of a four-parcel subdivision and meet all of the requirements for legal development. Each parcel can have two single-family homes. Each parcel has approved four-bedroom septic system designs on file with the county health department. County water is currently unavailable; wells are the most logical choice for water. Rainwater catchment is an option. (Other strategies are possible.) Power is available either by extending the grid, solar and/or generators. A community electricity micro-grid is possible if neighbors want to co-create one. Click here for RR1 zoning information.

View recently sold Parcel #1, with home, barns, and property features.



All four parcels are accessed by a county/state approved 18-foot wide road and have an annual road maintenance agreement, i.e. “Road Association.” The Road Association is the only legally binding relationship between the four parcels at this time.